Beautifully designed, decorative Spiritual Drum featuring  a Spiritual Hummingbird. Decorative floral elements with a stunning foreground of hills complement this artwork. The magical touch of gold leaf  gives out a spectacular reflection when you move the drum around. Hand painted them with much joy & passion, using vibrant colours and my whimsical style. 

The carefully selected relaxing colours radiate energy and they become mood enhancing at the same time. 

Sacred Drums look amazing, sound great and they are a wonderful piece of Spiritual Original Art that you can keep forever and enjoy admiring every day!


If you would love to gift or commission a beautifully designed spiritual drum please get in touch, I would love to work together with you where you set the theme and I create the design.


Size: 15cm diameter and 4.5 cm deep drum. ( 6" diameter)


Free P&P by Royal Mail within the UK.

Spirit of the Hummingbird Spiritual Drum

  • Materials: Paint,varnish,wood, riveted natural skin.. The drum ring is made of high-quality wood and is lightweight.

    Information and Instructions:

    This beautifully hand painted spiritual drum is designed to be an interior decoration that can easily be hung on your wall using the right drum holder for your 6" drum. Could also be used as a spiritual drum that you should easily, gently sound,play and resonate using your clean, dry hands or the right soft finish drum stick designed to sound spiritual drums only. Please keep away from direct sunlight, heat sources, damp, water, fire, pets, small children and chemicals or cleaning agents. Clean and dust your drum with only dry, clean, soft cloth.

     Advice: Multiple ways of playing including tapping your fingers against the drum, striking the drum with your hand or simply using a soft beater with the drum.